Thursday, December 4, 2008

My trip to DUBAI! second paragraph.

Hey everyone! Its me again and as I was saying that my cousin's house in Dubai is very small all of us can't fit in there. Ooops! I forgot to tell you guys that my other cousin's family went to DUBAI with us too.Anyways,actually all of us fit into their small apartment.Our cousins who lives in Dubai had a big cat and she was called serondeng. If you check at 'YOUTUBE .COM', and type in 'SERONDENG' you might find a cat in the front picture and there's a name 'SERONDENG' and the poster that posted the video is kikikakaeqa,she's my cousin,kikikakaeqa is her nickname but I can't tell you her real name. There's other videos that she posted. Anyway,when we were there, their baby wasn't born yet. On the first day, we went to the snow city in Dubai. Its called 'SKI DUBAI' its cold in ski dubai but it was worth it,well its a snow city anyway, and whats the point of calling it ski dubai and it being a snow city if its not cold? Anyway,after that we went to eat at a food court in the shopping mall,yes ski dubai is in a shopping mall. I can't remember but I think their building a snow bridge. Anyway, I gotta make new post, continue story later.

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hawra said...

Nice cat
Its very lovely
Keep it goin
And keep for him more care